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Figure 1: The proposed XMM-LSS equatorial is shown as a white square (64 deg2, mean exposure time 10 ks) overlaid on the NH map (yellow: NH > 5 1020 cm-2; red: NH < 2 1020 cm-2). The central galactic and ecliptic latitudes are -58° and -18° respectively. The visibility of the area by XMM is of the order of 20% (the precise location has been chosen such to minimize NH and maximize the XMM visibility). The green rectangle indicates the XMM Medium Deep Survey (GT programme owned by Liège, Milan(IFCTR) and Saclay with spectroscopic follow-up during the VLT/VIRMOS guaranteed time. It covers 2 deg2 with a mean exposure time of ~ 20 ks) and the magenta square, the XMM_SSC/Subaru Deep survey (GT programme, 1 deg2, mean exposure time ~ 75 ks). The thin blue rectangle indicates the NOAO deep optical survey.